Looking for a professional, experienced , qualified and industry recognized team to provide the resource to fulfill your structured cabling project ?

If so Aegis Computers based in Abingdon, Oxfordshire may be the Network and Cabling company for you. Voice and data cabling with SCAT5e/6 & fibre to the installation of server rooms, hubs and routers. we can complete all your networking requirements.

From a empty building install right through to the simple addition of a few runs or a crimp down on a patch panel. We can provide an integ rated solution or target specific areas according to your requirements.

Network & Cabling

Our qualified networking team will provide you with industry recognized, award winning products (Cisco/3 Com etc) and an equally high level of service during your network installation.

Being a total solutions provider means we can also offer additional services like server installs, rack mount UPS configuration and switches whilst also supporting your network in the future.

Whether you need just a few additional voice or/and data points or your after a larger scale 2000+ points installation, KS2 can provide the service and professional approach your need.

We are also approved to CAT6 (which few companies are) and can install a combination of CAT5e , 6 and fibre connectivity if required.

Aegis Computers will design, plan and implement your requirements with qualified staff at sensible costs with predetermined time scales.